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Webinar Overview:

This event included discussion around how engineers are supporting net-zero initiatives throughout the full lifecycle of an infrastructure construction project. 

We want to send out another huge thank you again to our amazing speakers:

  • Derek Earl (Host) Chair, BizforClimate & Manager, Global Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG Canada 
  • Catherine Mulligan (Panelist) Director, Institute of Water, Energy & Sustainable Systems, Concordia University
  • Ryan Dobson (Panelist) Geotechnical Engineer, KGS Group
  • Trevor Sparks (Panelist) Global Vice-President, Tailings, Water and Environmental Management, Mining and Metallurgy , SNC-Lavalin

We covered:

  • Why it's important for engineers to consider net-zero initiatives. 
  • How engineers are designing for new sustainability frameworks and how to measure the full impact of a build. 
  • How engineers are anticipating climate change and adapting designs to be more resilient for changing conditions. 
  • New sustainable technology and processes that should be on your radar. 
  • And much more! 

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