Do you know about Concrete on a Roll?

Learn about Concrete Canvas® - concrete on a roll, a new class of construction material, taking civil infrastructure design to another level around the world. 

With a proven track record in 54 countries, the applications are endless and its performance is second to none!

What we covered:

  • Technical properties.
  • Product applications - where to use Concrete Canvas®.
  • Projects where Concrete Canvas® was used.
  • Why choose Concrete Canvas®?

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       Ron Drewry   
      Concrete Canvas®  Product Specialist

Ron Drewry is Titan's in-house product specialist for the Concrete Canvas®Concrete on a Roll product line.  He has spent the last decade developing extensive technical knowledge of this material and providing ground-breaking, cost-efficient solutions for projects in civil infrastructure and a range of other sectors. Prior to joining Titan, Ron worked for Nuna Innovations and Finning International. 

An engaging speaker, he is passionate about this ‘Concrete on a Roll’ innovation and thrives on putting his knowledge and understanding of the product’s properties, performance, and vast applications to consult with design engineers and contractors on various construction projects.


About Titan

Established in 2006, Titan Environmental Containment specializes in the supply and installation of high-quality geosynthetics such as geomembrane linersgeogridsgeotextile fabrics; containment systemserosion control products; and specialty civil engineering products that all help manage and protect the environment. A leader in our field, we provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects across a variety of sectors, including; road construction, water, and waste management, mining, oil and gas, hydro-electric and agriculture. We operate locations across North America, specializing in prefabricated geomembranes and geotextiles for environmental and athletic field lining projects.