2022_08_24_Asphalt Design Recording

Webinar Overview:

When it comes to enhancing asphalt pavement performance, there are a variety of civil engineering reinforcement solutions to choose from. But what does the best job for asphalt base reinforcement, new construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation? And what matters most in paved infrastructure design?

Our civil design experts 'pave the way' to help you select the optimal product for your project and ensure you’re designing for success!

We covered:

  • Key considerations for asphalt reinforcement.
  • The highest performing product on the market for asphalt reinforcement in pavement construction.
  • How we support your design process using our unique asphalt reinforcement pre-design approach, at no cost.
  • Cost saving and environmental benefits using our value-added Pre-Designs.
  • Past Projects Performance Evaluations.
  • Real-life Titan pre-designs that helped solve paved infrastructure challenges.

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Sam Bhat, M. Eng., Tech Mgt. MIGS

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Geosynthetics


Sam holds a Masters of Engineering from IIT Delhi, India’s prestigious Institute of Technology, with a specialized background in interdisciplinary engineering and geosynthetics management. He has served the global geosynthetics market for the past 30 years having worked with some of the world’s leading geogrid organizations in the U.K., U.S.A., and Canada.

As Titan’s CTO Sam is responsible for developing new geosynthetic product tech­nologies and overseeing design and manufacturing Titan’s geogrid lines. He is involved in interdisciplinary academic engineering R&D collaborations with Queen's University and McGill University; offering value-added geosynthetic solutions to help address a variety of complex civil, environ­mental and geotechnical engineering problems.

Sam has lectured at presti­gious universities and also presented numerous technical papers at geosynthetics conferences around the world. His work, particularly with geogrid product development and testing, has been instrumental in advancing the geosynthetics industry. 




Dr. Jimmy Thomas,  PhD (Geotechnical Engineering), MIGS 

Senior Design Consultant

Dr. Jimmy Thomas is a consulting engineer specializing in geotechnical engineering, geosynthetics, reinforced soil structures and pavement engineering. He has more than 25 years of experience in the geosynthetic industry and has in-depth knowledge of diverse aspects including manufacturing, testing, design and installation. He has also worked as a geotechnical engineering consultant for several major infrastructure projects in India. He is associated with Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. as a design consultant for the last ten years. 

Dr. Jimmy Thomas is a Vice President of the Indian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society and a national executive committee member of Indian Geotechnical Society.  He was member International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Technical Committee TC-213 on Scour and Erosion for the term 2018-2021. He also served in the technical committees of Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Road Congress and actively participated in the drafting of several standards and codes.